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Finger and Toe Nail Fungus Home Remedy

nail fungus home remedyA lot of common infections have a home remedies available to help get rid of the infection and nail fungus is one of them. Fungus is a common infection that occurs on the nail bed (this is where the nail meets the skin) but you can find a nail fungus home remedy that works for you.

The fungus generally enters the skin through an injury in the area. You know that you are in need of a nail fungus home remedy if and when your nails turn a different color, develop patches, become thick coarse or flaky, if the underneath of your nails collect debris, or smells bad.

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An important knowhow when it comes to finding a nail fungus home remedy is that the stubborn infection cannot be eliminated easily. The only way to get rid of nail fungi is for a new nail to grow and do away with the infected nail.

A popular and economical nail fungus home remedy is vinegar. This household item has shown great results in doing away with nail fungi. Vinegar should be used on the infected nail several times a day in order to generate positive results.

Many opt for putting vinegar in an empty nail polish bottle or empty eye dropper bottle and using it on the infected area several times a day. Doing this or soaking your hands or feet in vinegar for about 20 minutes a day should do the trick.

Another popular nail fungus home remedy is Vicks VapoRub. Turpentine oil is an ingredient in this little blue bottle and is therefore extremely good for getting rid of nail fungus. It is recommended that after putting on some on your nails at night, that you also use the vinegar treatment mentioned above in order to get speedier results on your nail fungus.

Baking soda is another extremely effective nail fungus home remedy. This is because baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is an alkali metal that reacts with the acids in the body and releases carbon dioxide gas. This gas can hinder the growth of the fungus.

Baking soda is not only a nail fungus remedy, but also a remedy for other fungal infections like dandruff as well. Many have shown positive and faster results with the use of baking soda in comparison with a lot of other nail fungus remedies.

Bleaching powder is also an effective nail fungus home remedy. This is more hazardous to use because it has to be diluted with water in order to avoid blistering the skin.

You can use hydrogen peroxide as well but you need too follows the same rule. It is important to keep in mind that every home remedy takes time.

Perseverance is essential for any of these home remedies to work their magic on your nails. Give it a chance and see if any of these solutions can solve your nail fungus problem.

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How to Cure Nail Fungus Fast

Cure Nail Fungus FastHaving a nail fungus isn’t just annoying, it can wreak havoc with the appearance of your nails and in some cases, even your health if it spreads. Treatment is available for curing nail fungus.

There are oral and topical medications, a medicated nail polish and even removing the nail as a last resort. However, the problem with all of these treatments is that some have dangerous side effects and there’s a lot of time involved with doing the treatment.

It takes a long time to see if the treatment even made a difference. After some treatments, you have to wait awhile to see if it worked, which means there can be a risk that the treatment didn’t kill all of the fungi.

For you, that means you can end up having that fungi regroup and regrow and you start the entire process of getting it treated all over again. When there’s a fungus on your toenails or fingernails, it can be ugly, make you feel embarrassed when others see and make you want to hide your hands and feet.

Having to deal with it for months can take a toll on your self-esteem. But fortunately, there is a new treatment that’s far more effective than any of the treatments most people have tried in the past.

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Laser treatment works by sending a laser beam into the nail where it reaches the fungus and focuses the pulse frequency on this unwelcome fungus. Rather than taking months to kill the fungus, the laser beam is able to kill it immediately. The laser doesn’t destroy healthy tissue, just the fungus.

Unlike taking oral medications, using the laser beam to treat nail fungus doesn’t include any of the scary and potentially dangerous side effects of causing liver damage. And unlike having to undergo a procedure to remove a nail, the laser procedure doesn’t cause the patient any pain.

The laser roves over the nail, making sure that every bit of the nail has come under the hit of the laser. Unlike topical treatment, which takes months to undertake and even then you don’t know if it was successful, a laser treatment can be done in as little as half an hour.

While the procedure is expensive, costing just over $1,000, it’s more than 10 times more effective than the oral, topical, polish and surgical treatments and the time it takes to be effective is one treatment. The laser treatment is approved by the FDA and considered to be a breakthrough in medicine.


Proper Treatment of Nail Fungus

Nail fungus can be a difficult problem to solve. Doctors will prescribe a variety of different treatments in an effort to try to kill this annoying condition and the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the stage of the fungi development.

Treatment of Nail FungusIf the first attempt isn’t successful, then you have to pay to see the doctor again and buy even more medication. Fortunately, there are some home remedies that you can use to get rid of nail fungus once and for all. These remedies don’t have any of the dangerous side effects, either.

Mouthwash is known to kill nail fungus. Look for ones containing the ingredient salicylate thymol. You can treat the infection one of two ways.

Either dip the infected finger or toenail in a container with the undiluted mouthwash and soak for half an hour or use a sterile cotton swab and cover the infected nail with the mouthwash. You should see results in 4 to 8 weeks. Mouthwash can also be mixed with vinegar or you can use vinegar alone.

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If you use vinegar alone, the main side effect with this treatment is the strong odor. But it’s a fast acting treatment and you can see positive changes within 7 to 14 days.

The reason vinegar is so effective is that it’s a natural acid. The acid changes the environment that the fungus needs in order to live. When you make the environment unfriendly, it kills the fungi.

You can use remedies that don’t allow the fungus to grow such as products containing menthol, camphor and eucalyptus. You will find these ingredients in vapor rubs that are used to treat coughs. You just put the rub straight on to the affected nail including the surrounding area and cuticle.

Another great home remedy to use is baking soda. Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate, which is a natural antifungal. To use this treatment, you make a paste using the baking soda and water and then applying it to the affected nail.

There are also natural fungal treatments that contain tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural antimicrobial, which kills fungus and halts new growth.

Lavender oil is another natural treatment for nail fungus, but you have to make sure that you get the essential oil. Using a dropper, treat the affected nail with one drop when you get up in the morning and one drop before you go to bed.

Oil of oregano is a home remedy that contains antifungal ingredients, too and when combined with olive oil, can kill nail fungus.

Before spending money on medication, give these natural remedies a try and say good bye to nail fungus.

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What is the Cure for Nail Fungus?

The surface of your nails are tough and they’re supposed to be, but that can make it more difficult when you’re trying to treat a nail fungus infection. Nail fungus treatment should be started right away because the longer you wait, the more the fungi can settle in and the harder it can be to get rid of the infection.

Cure for Nail FungusBy waiting to treat, it also increases the risk of a rebound fungus. There are many options for treatment. Some are time consuming and expensive. The time involved to treat the fungus and the expense will be determined by how severe the fungal spread is.

Whatever treatment you use, it will take time before you’ll see a difference in the nail, because it takes nails awhile to complete a growth cycle. If you see a doctor, he may prescribe oral medications for you, especially if you have a health condition that limits your ability to fight off the fungus.

These medications work to kill the fungus on the existing nail, while at the same time protecting your new nail from the fungus. This treatment can take from 6 weeks to 3 months before you’re done and the medication does have some pretty serious side effects.

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In conjunction with medication, your doctor might tell you to also get an antifungal cream. Some people try using an antifungal cream without oral medications, which can be effective, but only if the fungus is treated when it first begins.

Since it’s not uncommon for a fungus to last for months or even years, your doctor might prescribe a nail coating or polish that kills the nail fungus. This treatment is effective for some people, depending on the spread of the infection.

If the fungus isn’t responding to any other treatment, then you may have to have the nail taken off so that the nail bed can be treated in its raw form. This is either a last resort or a decision made based on how severe the fungus is.

If you have experienced trouble with nail fungus while you were keeping your nails long, then you want to trim them back until the fungus is cured. You’ll need to keep your hands and feet dry and make sure that you wear footwear in areas susceptible to fungal growth.

If possible, wear open shoes such as sandals. If you use acrylic nails, you’ll want to avoid these until the fungus is gone and if you paint your nails, you’ll want to avoid nail polish as well.


Using Anti Fungal Solutions for Nail Fungus

What is the best treatment for nail fungus? There are different methods. Let’s look at the most important ones.

erase toenail fungusWhen talking about what is the best treatment for finger and toenail fungus, the most commonly used treatment method is oral medications.

Today, there are many oral antifungal drugs such as Fulvicin, Lamisil and Diflucan that can help the re-growth of a new nail and replacing the infected nail.

When it comes to what is the best treatment for nail fungus, oral medication is number one. But there are many disadvantages. This includes skin rashes, and malfunctions in the liver and kidney. If you suffer from a liver or heart disease, oral medications should not be taken.

Another treatment is the use of topical creams also known as antifungal creams that can be easily purchased over the counter. Individuals who suffer from mild to moderate cases of fungus infections are prescribed these creams.

Fungus Stop

All you have to do is apply a bit of the cream on the affected area and around it.

Fungus Stop Anti fungal Nail Solution is an antifungal nail polish and can be applied on nails the same way ordinary nail polish is applied.

It has been used since ancient times and there are many published scientific medical studies on the properties and effectiveness of Carvacrol – Oregano Oil.

  • 100% Natural Herb Ingredients.
  • Greek Origin
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E
  • Fast results in appearance and color of the nails
  • Effective only in 4 Weeks

Using this medication on a daily basis can help to get rid of nail fungus infections.

Despite the many options in medication to treat nail fungus, there is no guarantees that they will completely cure the condition. Quite a few patients will have recurring attacks of fungi on their fingernails.

prevents most fungal infectionsThere is also Clotrimazole, a antifungal medicated cream that can help get rid of nail fungus.

About the product
  • Cures and prevents most fungal infections.
  • Effectively treats Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch, and Ringworm.
  • Original Strength.
  • Compare to active ingredient of Lotrimin.

Clotrimazole is an over-the-counter antifungal. It interrupts membrane development of growing fungal cells, but it is not fungicidal. Consequently, it requires a fairly long treatment time of about four weeks.

Additionally, in order to maintain therapeutic levels of the drug in the area of treatment, the cream must be applied twice daily (though three times per day is preferable).

Killing fingernail fungus is a time consuming process that needs the necessary know-how and patience to achieve.



What Is The Best Treatment For Fingernail Fungus

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What Is The Best Treatment For Fingernail FungusFingernail fungus, also known as ‘onychomycosis’ is a prevailing infection seen in over 30 million people worldwide. Can this be treated? Can it be prevented? What is the best treatment for fingernail fungus? The answer to these questions is a big ‘yes’, but with limited conditions.

You may wonder what these are. If you have a fingernail fungus, the first thing you must know is that it can re-occur if not treated properly. Some individuals don’t take their medications on time or stop using creams, etc given for the cure of fingernail fungus and try on a different method.

What is the best treatment for fingernail fungus? There are different methods. Let’s look at the most important ones.

When talking about what is the best treatment for fingernail fungus, the most commonly used treatment method is using oral medications. Today, there are many oral antifungal drugs such as Fulvicin, Lamisil and Diflucan that can help the re-growth of a new nail, replacing the infected nail in your finger.

When it comes to what is the best treatment for fingernail fungus, oral medication is number one. But there are many disadvantages of using this, some of which are occurrences of skin rashes, and malfunctions in the liver and kidney. If you suffer from a liver or heart disease, oral medications are not suited for you.

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Treatment For Fingernail FungusSome may debate as to what is the best treatment for fingernail fungus. There are topical creams also known as antifungal creams that can be easily purchased over the counter.

Individuals who suffer from mild to moderate cases of fingernail fungus infections are prescribed these creams. All you have to do is apply a bit of the cream on the affected area and around it.

What is the best treatment for fingernail fungus if you are clueless about creams and oral medications? Some say that the Vicks Vapor Rub is effective for someone who suffers from a mild case of fingernail fungus.

The ingredients such as tea tree oil has an antibacterial nature and can cure fingernail fungus, but only if it’s a mild infection.

Using too much of nail polish can sometimes give way to a fingernail fungus from occurring. So what is the best treatment for fingernail fungus for someone who is addicted to using nail polish all the time?

Ciclopirox is an antifungal nail polish and can be applied on fingernails the same way an ordinary nail polish is applied. Using this medication on a daily basis can cure fingernail fungus infections.

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How Long is the Cure For Toenail Fungus

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erase toenail fungusMore and more people today are concerned with the impact of our health on our lifestyles. So it should not come as a surprise that we might need to figure out some home remedies. And finding out how long to cure fingernail fungus is a question a lot of people are asking these days.

When you do asking this question you need to take into consideration that curing fingernail fungus or toenail fungus is going to depend on the person. In fact each person’s results are going to be different.

Knowing How Long is the Cure For Toenail Fungus is Important

So you can never really tell when exactly your issue with fingernail fungus will end. All of it depends on how healthy you presently are and what type of medication you are taking.

As most of you probably know, there are many types of medication that are available. For instance many people prefer to go to their family doctor and get medicine to sort this issue out.

However, the more adventurous type of person might actually prefer some home remedies. These may have been passed down from generation to generation. If you really want to know the approximate time on how long it takes to cure for toenail fungus, you might want to try browsing the internet.

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How Long is the Cure For Toenail Fungus Will Depend

Don’t worry too much on knowing how long it takes to cure nail fungus. What is most important is to see if the medicine that you are using is actually effective. While the progress may seem slow, the results will depend on the medication you take. As well it will depend on the state of your health at present.

Finally, remember that it could be good at this point to find a few other individuals who have had the same issue as you do. This way you can find out at least an approximate time as to how long it will take to get rid of your nail fungus. Just make sure you take an unbiased and neutral view point when it comes to taking medication since this after all is the first step.

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Fungus Infection on Nails

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Toenail Fungus Home RemedyFungal infections can impact any part of the body. In fact Fungi are normally existing in as well as on the body together with different bacteria. When a fungi starts to overgrow, you could obtain an infection. One of the first signs is usally fungus infection on nails.

Onychomycosis, likewise called tinea unguium, is a fungal infection that affects either the finger nails or toe nails or both. Fungal infections normally establishs over time, so any kind of difference in the way your nail look or feel might be too subtle to show for awhile.

What Causes Fungus Infection on Nails?

A fungus infection happens from the overgrowth of fungis in, under, or on the nail. Fungus prosper in small, moist environments, so this type of setting can create them to overpopulate. The same fungus that triggers jock itch, athlete’s foot, and ringworm could cause nail infections.

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Fungi that are already present in or on your body can create nail infections. If you have actually come in contact with somebody else who has a fungal infection, it might have spread to you. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), fungal infections affect toe nails a lot more frequently than finger nails. This is due to the fact that your toes are usually restricted to your foot wear, which can be a small, damp environment.

If you get a manicure or pedicure at a nail salon, make sure to ask exactly how the personnel decontaminates their tools and also how often they clean their tools. The tools, such as an emery board and nail clippers, could spread fungal infections from person-to-person if they’re not sterilized.

Who is at Threat of Getting a Nail Infection?

There are many different reasons for fungus infections, as well as each cause has a remedy of its own. Although a lot of the causes of a fungal nail infection are avoidable, there are some risks of developing it. You’re more probable to have a fungal nail infection if you:

  • have diabetes mellitus
  • you have an illness that creates inadequate circulation
  • over the age of 65
  • use synthetic nails
  • swim in a public swimming pools
  • you have a nail injury
  • there was a skin injury around the nail
  • have damp fingers or toes for an extensive period of time
  • there has been damage to the body’s immune system
  • wear closed-toe shoes, such as athletic shoes or boots

Toe nail infections take place more regularly in men compared to women, as well as the infections are located in adults more often than in youngsters. If you have a relative that commonly get these types of fungal infections, you’re most likely to obtain them also.

Older adults have the highest possible threat for obtaining fungus infection of the nails due to the fact that they have poorer blood flow as well as their nails grow a lot more slowly as well as get more thick as they age.

Visible Indicators of a Nail Infection

Noticeable signs of a fungus infection on the nails include:

  • scaling under the nail, which is called subungual hyperkeratosis
  • white or yellow streaks on the nail, which is called lateral onychomycosis
  • a collapsing corner of the nail, which is called distal onychomycosis
  • flaking white areas on the nail’s surface, which could consist of pits in the nail
  • the look of yellow areas at the end of the nail, which is called proximal onychomycosis
  • loss of the nail

You may make use of other antifungal therapies, such as antifungal nail lacquer or topical solutions. These treatments are applied on the nail similarly to using nail polish. Depending on the type of fungus that created the infection, as well as the level of the infection, you mighte be required to use these remedies for a number of months. Topical options are not normally reliable in healing a nail fungus infection.

Treatment isn’t really guaranteed to rid your body of the fungal infection totally. In virtually half of all cases, the fungal nail infection will certainly return. Complications from fungal infection are also possible.

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Toenail Fungus Can Be Treated

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erase toenail fungusToenail fungus is the fungal infection of the nail bed as well as under the surface area of the nail. It is defined by thickening of the toe nail in addition to yellowish staining, disfiguring, and splitting.

In medical terms, nail fungus is known as “Onychomycosis” or “Ringworm of the Toenail”. Toenail fungi could press against shoes triggering pain. Additionally, it can trigger social and psychological problems.

Toenail fungus is brought on by trio of microorganisms that include dermatophytes, yeasts, as well as non-dermatophyte mold and mildews. Approximately 90% of the nail fungal infections are caused by dermatophytes. Around 8% of the cases are because of yeast [Candia albicans] infections and non-dermatophyte molds trigger the infection in 2% of the situations.

The treatment for toe nail fungus is hard since the infection is embedded within the nail which is tough to get to. The toenail receives little blood supply and also grows slowly. Consequently, drugs and topical applications used in the therapy for nail fungi will get to the contaminated site in a little amount which will certainly not be sufficient to cure the infection.

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Therefore, the infection reacts gradually to therapy and may take a year or more for complete removal of the symptoms. Treatment for nail fungus includes numerous therapy options such as medicinal therapy, laser treatment and surgical treatment.

Medicinal Treatment for Toenail Fungus

This line of treatment includes oral and topical anti-fungal drugs. Newer anti-fungal medications such as Itraconazole, Terbinafine have transformed the treatment for toe nail fungus. As a common line of therapy for toenail fungi, anti-fungal medications are carried out for three months.

Terbinafine is provided daily for three months whereas Itraconazole is usually suggested in pulse doses. Pulse dosages suggests it is provided one week each month for three months.

These anti-fungal drugs create less adverse side effects from fewer contraindications such as congestive heart failing and liver diseases. Itraconazole must be should be avoided if possible due to the fact that it interacts with a couple of prescription antibiotics such as Erythromycin and some asthma drugs. Around 50% to 75% of the cases respond extremely well to the oral anti-fungal therapy. However about 20 to 25% of the instances of toe nail fungus can reoccur at a later date.

Oral anti-fungal therapy combined with topical and surgical therapies could lower the duration and side effects of the oral treatment. In shallow toe nail fungal infections, topical anti-fungal drugs are encouraged that include Ciclopirox, Olamine as well as Amorolfine. These topical drugs are available in the form of nail paints which can be applied to the affected nail.

Laser Therapy

A noveon type laser may be used in the treatment for toenail fungi. This laser is additionally used for some types of cataract surgical procedure.

Surgical Therapy

In surgical therapy, nail fungi is removed surgically or chemically. In chemical elimination, about 40-50% of a urea substance is utilized to get rid of the contaminated nail. It is a pain-free treatment which is useful in people suffering from extremely thick toe nails. Surgical elimination of the infected toe nail plate alone is ineffective. Extra oral anti-fungal drugs can be valuable. Incorporating oral as well as topical anti-fungal treatments along with surgery enhances the performance of the medical treatment.


Preventing nail fungus is crucial due to the fact that the reoccurrence of toe nail fungal infections can return. There are a number of ways to prevent this fungus from coming back such as not wearing wet socks, keeping the nails dry, and also do not use tight shoes.

You should also cut the nails on a regular basis to keep them short and while cutting the nail do not go into the corners.

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Vinegar Cures Nail Fungus

vinegar cures nail fungusThere are those who really do swear by home remedies and truth be told, many people swear by vinegar for nail fungus. The veracity of this information all depends on who you talk to but as scientific evidence shows vinegar cures nail fungus without the use of chemicals.

Of course it would be fair to state that many people would prefer to utilize medicine that their doctor prescribes but the fact of the matter is that vinegar cures nail fungus can actually work.

Of course the best way to figure this out and put your mind at ease is to ensure that refer the World Wide Web for information regarding this particular issue.

The problem of having nail fungus is really no big a deal. That is if you know for sure how to tackle the problem head on. Many people are sure to know a few friends or family members who have in fact used vinegar for nail fungus.

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Making a Choice to Use Vinegar for Nail Fungus

And most of these people, if not all, would tell you that it truly does work but as stated earlier on in this article it is best you gather some information yourself just so that you feel comfortable knowing that you have made the right choice in using vinegar for nail fungus.

The World Wide Web is full of detailed information that ideally focuses on home remedies. One well known remedy is using vodka to kill off the odor causing bacteria on your feet. The simple science behind this is that the alcohol in the vodka will kill the bacteria, all in a hurry.

This is just one example where you should not underestimate the power of home remedies! Likewise, you will be aware soon if you do some research in cyberspace that vinegar for nail fungus does work.

Vinegar Cures Nail Fungus in Most Cases

Having made all of this clear, what better way to get all the information you need than to talk to people who have used vinegar for nail fungus? You can easily get in contact with them via various forums and discussion boards.

They would be more than happy to offer you advice and tips on using vinegar for nail fungus. And not only that, you will be able to find out when exactly you can expect to be cured of this particular issue.

Just make sure that you approach this issue with an open mind with the hope that alternative types of medicine can in fact work!

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